I’ve known Henry throughout my professional career. He’s able to deliver creative branded designs across multiple channels including digital, broadcast, print, and in-store. He adheres to deadlines and reinforces high quality brand standards. His work is impactful because he conducts due diligence and research to better understand what attracts the target consumer. But most of all, Henry has the unique ability to translate business and marketing objectives into creative strategy.

– Chantal De Soto, Communications Manager - Graduate School of Journalism Columbia University

"Henry is an all around creative guru that can handle any type of creative work. He is humble and modest about what he is capable of and in the few projects he has worked for my team he has delivered. He has presented solutions that respect the budget constraints, the production timelines and the elevated creative that is expected. He has a firm grasps of interpreting creative briefs and processing feedback with pinpoint accuracy. Would totally hire him again for important projects."

– Chris Martillo, Creative Director at Hammer Haus

"I Had the pleasure of working with Henry during the NAMIC Annual Awards Breakfast at the 2016 Internet and Television Expo (INTX). Henry was exceptional at communicating his ideas while embracing our needs as his client. He was able to juggle multiple projects that were thrown his way with great efficiency with quick turn around times. He’s a brilliantly talented graphic designer whose creativity went high above expectations. Henry would be an asset to any organization that wants fresh well conceived designs"

– Brandon Hewlett, Digital Marketing & Project Coordinator at NAMIC

"Henry is one of the most efficient, hard working people I've had the pleasure of working with. He quickly gets a sense of a brand's identity and creates wonderful designs and POS items to further a brand message in the market. He takes the time to ask great questions, suggest additional ideas and executions, and provide an interesting, fresh perspective to build on initial ideas. He has made himself a true partner to our team. He has an extraordinary attention to details and an incredible work ethic. Most importantly, Henry is a real pleasure to work with - I always enjoy any project we work on together."

Andrea Davidoff Langus, Brand Manager at Palm Bay International, was Henry's client

"I've had the pleasure of working with Henry Alvarez for more than 10+ years and he is a truly dynamic, high caliber designer who our company has entrusted with our most relevant creative work for Santa Rita, Jose Maria da Fonseca, Salentein, Terra Andina and many other brands. His design work is top notch but moreover, he's simply an outstanding colleague, collaborator and person who we've thoroughly enjoyed working with. Can recommend Henry with the highest degree of confidence and intend to keep working with Henry on a project basis moving forward. Best regards, Michael Preis VP of Marketing Palm Bay International"

— Michael Preis, Vice President - Marketing, Palm Bay International, was Henry's client

"I had the good fortune to get to know Henry while I was a brand manager at Palm Bay. Henry led the creative work of a number of our biggest fine wine brands, most notably Santa Rita but also Terra Andina and Citra among others. While there's no doubt that Henry is extremely creative and skilled as an art director and designer, what I appreciated most as a client were the less tangible aspects: his strategic approach to addressing the challenges posed in a brief, his ability to present and defend creative that made us think differently, and his flexibility, openness to feedback and willingness to work with us to deliver work that fit our needs without compromising his strong design principles. And on top of all this, Henry's good nature and sharp yet subtle sense of humor makes him someone that is just plain fun to work with. "

— Jessica LeMay Willey, Brand Manager, Palm Bay International, was Henry's client

"Henry has an extraordinary skill to keep the creative work moving along according to the timeline. His superb Art Direction, organizational and intuitive skills ensure creative excellence is met. His diplomacy is very useful to deal with different clients and problems. He is an excellent communicators, prepared to work hard, and react calmly under intense pressure. Without a doubt, He is an asset to any creative environment."

— Roberto Alcazar, Executive Creative Director, Identity, Mediabrands, worked with Henry at REVOLUCION

"I had the pleasure of working with Henry full-time at PSP, Inc, and as an independent contractor for Random House Inc. Henry is a true professional who has a keen desire to get things right and does. His diplomacy and sense of humor make him the ultimate team player. He is one of the most talented art directors I've ever worked with -- strategically, creatively and technically. I would highly recommend Henry without hesitation."

— Maureen McLaughlin, Senior Art Director, Random House, was Henry's client

"The best part of my experience working with Henry was how quickly he absorbed assignments. I could rely on him to not only understand the scope and find the right creative solutions, but also to manage the process so I was free to handle other projects. Total pleasure."

— Thom Cordner, CD/Copy - Verizon, Erwin Penland, managed Henry at Erwin Penland

"Henry is a storyteller. A storyteller who tells deep, imaginative, wonderful stories. You can see this gift in his art direction and his photography. And he writes. And he writes well. And beyond that, Henry is a straight up, good dude (exhibit A, his work with homeless pets). It's so rare that you find someone with this level of talent and who really is a genuinely good person. Anytime Henry calls for me to help him out on a project, i know it's going to be good."

— Joey Crawford, worked directly with Henry at REVOLUCION

"I had the pleasure of working together with Henry for a few years at MGS where he was Creative Director and I was Account Supervisor. We worked together on multiple accounts but most consistently on Milk (MilkPEP) and Outback Steakhouse accounts. He was always a team player, very interested in hearing the thoughts/ insights provide by all on the team to then provide the most relevant, hard-hitting creative possible. He particularly impressed me with how efficiently he was able to turn around thoughtful and concise work, especially when unforeseen deliverables popped up…and I know our clients always appreciated that as well."

— Jennifer Ramos, Account Supervisor, Commonground/MGS, worked with Henry at Commonground/MGS

"Henry is a true professional. Very devoted to his clients and truly giving his all. He's talented and won't quit until the job is done and done well. Creative, driven and talented."

— Carla Trum Mercado, Partner, Commonground MGS, worked directly with Henry at Commonground/MGS

"What can i say about Henry. Our time together working together was short but definitely memorable. The attribute that stuck out the most to me was his relentless work ethic. Not one to just deliver work on brief and be done, Henry shook, prodded and massaged the brief and his work until he was thoroughly satisfied and others were left impressed. An absolute pleasure to collaborate with I only wish we had more opportunities to do so. "

— Mike Williams, SVP of Creative, Commonground/ MGS, worked directly with Henry at Commonground/ MGS

"I was fortunate to work under Henry's creative direction for 2 years in U.S. Hispanic agency Revolución. He stopped being my boss 4 years ago, but what he taught me back then keeps going up in value as my career is moving forward. He showed me the real design. The design from when design was king and art direction was an art. I've never worked with a creative Art Director who is as talented and passionate for design as Henry. His work is sharp, consistent and meticulously beautiful. He was an honest boss and he's now an honest friend. I hope our paths will cross again professionally in the near future."

— Marc Duran, Creative, REVOLUCION, reported to Henry at REVOLUCION

"Henry is a thoughtful creative with a fertile imagination. He draws on his strong training, extensive experience, and in-depth knowledge of visual traditions to deliver work that delights clients and consumers alike. He is also a warm and supportive colleague–a real pleasure to work with."

— Amy Gomez, Ph.D., managed Henry indirectly at REVOLUCION

"Henry was one of the best Art Directors I have had the privilege of working with over the years. Always helpful, positive and a team player, he led every project we worked on with regard to the team as a whole. Henry is tireless and dedicated and always came through for his department and the project. Creative, talented, diplomatic, insightful and just a downright good guy. I hope to work with him again in the future."

— George Ernst III, reported to Henry at PSP

"I had the opportunity of working with Henry while at Revolucion. As a creative director he is a superb out-of-the-box thinker. He taught me a lot about working with clients and delivering within strategy. His creativity is tireless as he continues to produce wonderful work in his free time as a photographer. Henry is a great friend and mentor."

— Josefina Fuster, Senior Art Director, REVOLUCION, reported to Henry at REVOLUCION

"I've worked with Henry over the years and have nothing but good things to say about him. His creativity and work ethic combined make Henry an exemplary partner in just about every project we've ever worked on (and there have been many!). Additionally, Henry has the ability to solve problems quickly with a solution always in mind for the most difficult situations. I've really enjoyed working with Henry and have the utmost respect for him, so much so, that we have become personal friends as we each have moved on to different work places. I highly recommend Henry as being your next partner in business - whatever it may be. You will not be disappointed."

— Jennifer Perez, Account Director, REVOLUCION, worked directly with Henry at REVOLUCION